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Lithium Battery Recycling and Utilization

We recycle and re-utilize lithium battery to protect our environment from hazardous waste.

Battery Recycle

We are building battery recycling network together with our Strategic Partners. We can recycle used batteries from battery factories\new energy vehicle factories\traders\...

Battery Metal Element Recycle & Raw Material Remanufacture

We are the leader in battery Metal Element Recycle & Raw Material Remanufacture.

Battery Gradient Utilization

We have specific subsidiary and team which focuses on Battery Scrap & Gradient Utilization. We have Battery Industrial Park in Shenshan area.

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The Battery Show 2023

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ISRI 2023

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EV Battery Recycling & Reuse USA 2023

We can recycle and utilize 20,000 tons of used batteries per year

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